Thursday, February 13, 2003

Fort Worth Dallas Ballet

Mark M. Hancock / © The Dallas Morning News

Michael Clark (left) and Scott Thompson (right) shelter Michele Gifford (left to right), Marcella Ducsay and Christy Miller as they perform Ben Stevenson's "Four Last Songs" as part of the Fort Worth Dallas Ballet's "Three of Hearts" valentine repertory program at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth during a dress rehearsal on Thursday, February 13, 2003.


Massimo said...

Very dynamic composition, the interlacing figures draws my eyes into the circular motion of the ballet. With "choral" photos like this, in which many actors move independently on the scene, I am always at loss on how to frame the picture: what to include, what to cut out. I usually tend to shoot as wide fiels as I can, postponing the decisions later in the post processing phase. What is your take on this?

Mark M. Hancock said...

To me it's pretty football. I tend to shoot ballet with a long lens so the dancers stay proportionate (wide angle distorts the shape of the dancers). Then, just wait for two or more to fit inside the frame. When they come together like this frame, shoot and lean on the winder until they leave the frame. Since I shoot news, I have the luxury of knowing I only need a few frames.
I would advise against planning to crop. Crops are often necessary, but I prefer to fill the frame.