Friday, August 26, 2005

Balloons are better

Volunteer Caitlin Rexses hands out balloons to visitors before the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Catholic Charities Central Services Facility on Eastex Freeway in Beaumont on Saturday, August 13, 2005.

Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise

Ribbon cutting and ground breaking ceremonies are death on a stick. It's best to arrive early or stay late to get anything other than the ficticious "event."

Both types of ceremonies are unimaginative and cliche. Consequently, PJs need to really work them hard to eliminate any possibility of seeing their name under an image of someone cheesing the camera with oversized, cardboard scissors or folks in suits and skirts wearing brand new, cheap hardhats with a foot on a gold-painted shovel.


Bryon Houlgrave said...

Good job making something out of nothing. I'm sure management appreciates this more than they would the ribbon-cutting or grip-and-grins.

John Schreiber said...

Hey Mark,

This opinion piece was in the SMU Daily Campus today and I thought you might find it interesting. I remember you had a post about car accidents a while back and this article talks about the issues of shooting a car accident. Enjoy

Marie said...

uggg! just thinking about grip n grins and ribbon cutting makes me gag! I constantly pound my head against the wall and scream, " WHY? WHO thought that this was Ever a good idea?"