Wednesday, August 04, 2004

How to order prints

Reprint policy:

We offer photo-quality reprints, posters, mugs, mouse pads and other items (printed products). The images must have been published in print or posted online.

Printed products are strictly for personal use. No reproduction of any kind is granted through the purchase of printed products. To buy printed products, please email Mark with your specific request.

Other company photos
Images with © next to a company name belong to the company and need to be ordered as directed through the company. Please follow these links:

The Dallas Morning News
The Beaumont Enterprise

Reproduction of images
Images with © before "Mark M. Hancock" or "" are owned by the photojournalist and represented by ZUMA Press.

Publisher wanting to lease images for reproduction (print or electronic) should contact Mark by email or call 214.862.7212.

Publishers can commission assignments for Mark M. Hancock via email at, phone 214.862.7212 or see the "Contact Me" section of the NewsEagles site. Mark also accepts assignments through Zuma Press via the regular publisher channels.

Missing and/or older images
Many images do not appear on the reprint site. Most of these are older images. We can easily upload these for purchase, but we need to know what specific image(s) are needed.

Please help us locate the correct image(s) by describing the image(s) and caption information along with the publication date and location if known. Please email this information to us.

To keep prices reasonable, we do not accept rush orders for reprints. Almost all images are available in color even if they were published in black and white.

Photo mosaics
Photo mosaic prints are only sold as limited-edition (1/25), large-scale prints. Each image is a different price based on size, availability and delivery specifications. Please contact Mark for prices and availability of specific photo mosaic images.

Additional questions
If you have additional questions or seek reproduction rights, please call 214.862.7212.

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