Sunday, August 01, 2004

Working in the coal mine

I’m obviously making some changes to this blog. For one, I’ve added comments sections. I question the wisdom of this decision during an election year, but we’ll try it for a while. Let’s just keep comments to the subject listed. Thanks.

You will need a Blogger profile to comment. Otherwise, the e-mail still works.

In other tinkerings, I am adding images to older files. When I started blogging, there was no cost-free way to do this, and I’m poor. The additional problem is scooping my own paper. I won’t do this.

Before the big change, I could post images onto my section of the site and all was good. Nobody got scooped, and I would refer to their site. Since they took away our ability to modify our own profiles, I was left without an alternative.

This has led me to another decision. From now onward, I may write as if there is an image posted when there isn’t. Since this is not a fixed medium like newspapers, changes can be made. The image might show up at a later date after it is published in The DMN. Likewise, it might get killed, and I’ll add an update. Let’s all be flexible for a while.

Enough for now,


Fayrouz said...

Nice template :-)

Your nightmare wife,

Mark M. Hancock said...

Thank you. You are my dream; not my nightmare (ok, well at times...)