Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pick one

Yup, I got oodles of Independence Day photos from all over Southeast Texas. I'll post a few of the less obvious ones over the summer plus the video slideshow at the bottom of this post. Today's post lets y'all play photo editor.

Madison Foreman, 6, of Beaumont offers to pet a dog before the 1st Annual Calder Place Star Spangled 4th of July Parade at the BISD Administration building in Beaumont on Monday, July 4, 2005. Everyone received participation awards and special prizes were awarded by category for decorations.
Photos by Mark M. Hancock / &copy The Beaumont Enterprise

Madison Foreman, 6, of Beaumont runs with an adoption kitten after the 1st Annual Calder Place Star Spangled 4th of July Parade. The parade ran along North Street to Lucas.

Obviously, only one of these images could get into the paper. I had a rough time choosing which one I preferred. The top one has a cluttered background and some light problems, but the action and connection between the dog and the girl is nice.

The second image is cleaner and has some interesting highlights on her hair. However, the kitten is not exactly pleased with the situation (she was running at the time).

If y'all had to play photo editor between these two images, which would you pick? Neither one ran, so my fragile feelings won't be hurt if someone says they both suck.

video by Mark M. Hancock /
Please see the video slideshow.


Justin DeYoung said...

Both are wonderful as you can never go wrong with furry animals or cute kids but I like #2 more for the highlights in her hair and the way the flag is moving behind her. However the interaction between her and the dog would make a make a better one for the paper. Either way well done.

DJ said...

Um. Its hard to say. The second one it doesn't actually look like she's running. just very red. although the hair and the flag do work well. I'd have to go for the first one for the paper. It gives more of an overview feel for me.

Ana said...

What an adorable kid! She looks like a baby valkyrie.
The first one wins for me; I love the connection between her and the dog.

Caleb said...

The first one just tells me the girl was distracted by a dog. I like two better because it leaves me wondering what was going on. The backlite is nice too.

Marie said...

I choose #2. It is a tighter shot. I like that you can see both her face and the kitten's expression. But what did run?

Fayrouz said...

I choose #2.

Mark M. Hancock said...

The image that ran was of a dad holding his daughter and a shaved ice treat after the parade. The image is neutral enough to post later (it was meant to be a secondary image if they had room for a package) without the blog becoming an ode to the 4th of July.
It's probably my fault there wasn't a package. I turned out the images by noon and ran to other assignments. I was gone the rest of the day. The layout people arrive later in the day weren't expecting the images. At DMN it would have been handled by the desk. Here, on holidays, the shooters become the de facto desk. Lesson learned.