Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Waxahachie vs. Frisco Wakeland soccer playoff

Waxahachie senior Caroline Clifton (18) braces to be hit by the ball as Fisco Wakeland junior Katey Carmichael (2) tries to pass to sophomore Maddie Lundberg (14) during a high school playoff soccer game at Standridge Stadium in Carrollton on April 8, 2011.

photos © Mark M. Hancock and The Dallas Morning News

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Waxahachie battles Fisco Wakeland during a high school soccer playoff game at Standridge Stadium in Carrollton.

Named in this slideshow are: &nbsp Katey Carmichael, Tierney Thomison, Jennifer Perry, Caroline Clifton, Ashley Kingston, Maddie Lundberg, Kourtney Holleman, Danielle Tesei, Bridget Reid, Sarah Hay, Christine Sparks, Karleigh Hector, Lexie Devore, Ashley Vega and Natalie Kelly.

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