Thursday, September 21, 2006

Decision time

Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise
Nederland High School's Travis Dabel (No. 40, top) reads an offensive play to determine his action during practice in the school's gym in Nederland on Monday, Sept. 11, 2006.

Please read "Read and react: Linebackers can win or lose a play in split second after snap" by Perryn Keys for more information.
Enough for now,


BeFrank said...

I don't want you to think I want to steal any of your secrets (I do, but I don't want you think it). Do you ever discuss your workflow or how you prepare your digital stills for viewing online?

BeFrank said...

Shucks, I guess you do. Just wandered around the site and found answers to most of my questions. Cool.

Mark M. Hancock said...

I may be slow writing posts, but I keep no secrets. I'm glad you found what you needed. :-)