Friday, July 27, 2007

Emulate a Web site with Blogger

Kahtan Alamery is using Blogger in an interesting way. He's linked together various blogspot locations (different URLs) to act as a standard Web site. This way, he pays no hosting fees nor throughput fees if his site becomes popular. His example should help out most beginning or generally frugal PJs.

Kahtan stated in an e-mail,
"I started to use Google's Blogger as a back up platform for my Photographs and while I am on the road for extended period of time.
I can upload all my photos to the blog and the files automatically group in folders at Picasa which links back my photos to the blog page. Once there I can use the (slide show embed) as a link back to the blog page.
I used to pay $40 a month to maintain a website.
This is a cheaper and better way to showcase my work, I have my work on line for free, my photographs are organized and archived and I can switch the format from a slide show to blog format in less than a minute when I am on the road and want to turn my blog back to photos and text entries."
Check out his work at

For other PJs considering this option, include contact information on the blog to make it easier for clients to hire you or buy your work.

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James Cheng said...

Another way to emulate a webpage is through
Example can be found:
enjoy =)