Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I made my goal

PJs make lofty goals to keep motivated. Sometimes those goals are elusive. They don't even seem possible. One of my personal goals fell into this category - until today.

When I was hired at The Beaumont Enterprise, I promised I was worth my pay. The only quantifiable measure I can access is print sales. So, I latched onto it. My goal was to sell more than the rest of the photo staff combined.

To make it fair, I didn't push image sales or pad folders to increase sales. I wanted people to buy images because they wanted the images. My only promotion was a link from the copyright notification on this blog to the purchase site.

Additionally, the images from Hurricane Rita were only available on request for various reasons I don't fully understand.

I've chased this goal since I arrived. At times I was within $50 of my goal and other PJs would nail some great images. Each dollar they earned put me two dollars behind. It's been frustrating.

For the record, the income from print sales goes to the company. Therefore, I have no financial interest in print sales. However, I do have an interest in braggin' rights.

After three years, I'm about to leave Beaumont. I didn't think I'd make my goal before I left. However, I finally made my goal today. I'm actually slightly over my goal. Thank you for your support! :-)

Enough for now,