Saturday, July 19, 2008

No longer daily

Although I've had a great week with many assignments, I made a difficult decision. Starting today, this blog won't be a daily endeavor. It's been fun and motivating to deliver new images every day for the last few years, but I must now show current images as they becomes available.

I have an extremely deep archive (thousands) of images I could post. However, they don't reflect the work I'm doing now or want to do in the future. PJs are only as good as their last shot. Old images simply water-down everything else I'm currently doing.

Going forward, I'll post new images as I make them (self-assigned) or as publication embargoes end. I've been in Dallas more than a month, so newspaper images are rolling off embargo each week while magazine work is on hold for months.

Instead of posting stock or dragging out a story for a week to make a daily quota, I'll post the complete stories and won't post again until something new becomes available. I'll break up a few sets to spread them out some, but the volume of work I'm producing isn't the same as when I was a daily staffer.

Between the shooting time and fuel costs, I can't afford to personally finance run-and-gun feature hunts. I am, however, building up the DFW events blog for future assignments as well as updating sections of this blog.

I have too many brands in the fire to mention, and I hope to return to creating the same volume of images daily. However, it won't happen in the next two months.

Meanwhile, I plan to write more (shooting tips, how-to pieces, interviews and other PJ-related posts as well as stories to accompany my images). Those entries are likely be my only post of the day (rather than a photo AND a written piece).

Some folks have this blog on RSS feeds. It's a good way to keep up with this blog. Folks on RSS will probably see more posts because I plan to back-fill some images into the archive. For the folks who visit each few days, there will always be something new.

I'm not going away. I haven't hung up the cameras. I've recently invested thousands into better equipment. I simply refuse dilute my work to make a daily quota.

Enough for now,


John MacDonald said...

you gotta do, what you gotta do. Looking forward to viewing/reading your work as usual.

Mark M. Hancock said...

Thanks John. I appreciate your visits and comments.
Creating enough images to post one or more each day has been a matter of pride. I'm going to have plenty of images to post in the future, but it isn't enough to be "daily."