Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My career shifted

As I foreshadowed, I've accepted a job as associate editor of book publications at Squadron Signal Publications. I'm still in the publishing industry, but I'm utilizing other skills (research, editing and layout) as well as my dusty military knowledge. I began work yesterday (Dec. 1).

Modelers and military history buffs should recognize the company. Squadron has specialized in military models, books and modeling supplies for 40 years. It's a rapidly-growing company with a bright future. If you're looking for unique gifts, check out their products.

In addition to being a cool job, I'll also have predictable work hours and income as well as a daily mission to accomplish. :-)

I'll continue to be a freelance PJ after 5:30 p.m. and on weekends. I'll still post images as they roll off embargo. Additionally, I plan to write PJ-related posts to bridge some knowledge gaps on this blog.

The interview with CPOY-winner Tim Hussin will post later this week. Afterward, there should be enough images rolling off embargo to fill most of December.

I remain dedicated to the Freelance Project because it's critical to stop the industrial bleeding of talent and public information. The project's intent is autonomy. Once it's funded and operational, it should stand on its own.

In a short time, many journalists have already expressed interest on the Facebook group. We still need to identify qualified reporters for the board of directors. Please take the Reporter Challenge and send your results for consideration.

Enough for now,

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