Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Co. 6/31st reunion planned

"OPFOR BRIEFING" by Patrick Farrell, Fort Irwin, California 1988

*** Polar Bears, Attention ***

This post is for former soldiers of A Co. 6/31st Infantry and/or A Co. 1/52nd Infantry (32 Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment OPFOR infantry) stationed at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California who served honorably during the 1980s (177th Armored Brigade).

A reunion is planned for Sept. 6-9, 2012. We will rally in Las Vegas and travel to Ft. Irwin via vans on Sept. 7, 2012 for a guided tour of the new facilities, tip a drink in Barstow to our fallen brothers and return to Las Vegas that evening.

Even if you can't attend the reunion, we'd like you to join our Facebook group and share your experiences. Please contact either Mark M. Hancock or Geoff Cottrell via Facebook to be added to the group.

If you're opposed to Facebook, there is also a discussion board on the 31st Infantry Association website.

These are some Polar Bears who will be missed forever.

Phillip Albert
Terry Blanford
Steve Busch
Larry Caudy
Mack Garret
Col. Tom Hagen

Col. Jerrell E. Hamby
Greg Nicholson
Ron Paiva
Don Worland

Pro Patria! For Country!

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