Monday, August 29, 2005

Bathed in light

Amber Tezeno, a freshman education major, unwinds in the Setzer Center during the first day of classes at Lamar University in Beaumont on Wednesday, August 24, 2005.

Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise

I had time to work this assignment and follow light. I love when I can look for strong, natural light. However, it's rare news PJs to have time to look for light because we are governed by deadlines and assignment times (which often overlap).

When time is critical, we get the best shot we can with whatever is available. Sometimes we're lucky and get nice light, but more often it's a combination of available light and color-balanced flash.

Also, while shooting at Lamar, I found myself feeling somewhat out of place. Frequently, I blend in and do just fine. But on this one day, it was obvious I wasn't part of the crowd.

While I was looking for the play of light on people, I found myself drawn to people who not only were in the light, but also looked separated from their environment. It could have been the stress of getting back to studies, the expectations of others or simply not being part of the new group, but the light pointed out a few folks to me, and I was happy to have the help.

Enough for now,


Bryon Houlgrave said...

Nice moment ... thanks for the detailed description of your experience.

Emil said...

Nice shot and interesting point about blending in. How's the weather down there?

Mark M. Hancock said...

Weather is unusually dry and hot here - it all got sucked into the hurricane.
I may cruise over and see how our readers can help folks there. I requested permission to head over there tomorrow morning, we'll see if it's approved.

Emil said...

I'm particularly interested in the Slidell area. I have friends who live there and who are very worried about their home. Looking forward to seeing your pix if you get to go.

Marie said...

Mark, I was hoping that you would head East. Should you get this message while on the road and run into problems, call me at 828-963-8347. I have some contacts in the area. No promises..just possibilities. In Baton Rouge, I have some definite hook-ups. All my best. Can't wait to see your shots.