Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And you're waiting for what?

Many PJs were waiting to make the conversion to video. Since only super-low-res videos (like on YouTube) have any real-time streaming posibilities, some may have waited to learn the new technologies.

Well, IBM announced a flame thrower for most PJs' butts:
The chipset can move data at 160G bits by representing information as light pulses instead of electrons and could be used for both corporate and consumer applications as soon as 2010, IBM said.

Read more at PC World.

End result:   pro PJs have about three years left to learn and perfect video to a "pro" level.

On the still side, this application means we could deliver entire take, high-res images to our magazine clients in less time than it would take to call FedEx to pick up a CD.

Considering how small these chips are for the punch and the CMOS integration, I'm expecting a massive leap in DVR technology within a year. Consequently, the next generation DVR should be up to current still camera technology levels.

Next, we need a new, compact way to store all this information. I'm certain it's in the works as well.

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