Friday, March 23, 2007

Critique of the day: Nathan G – Pro.

Nathan G (Senthil Nathan) requests a professional critique of the images in his To get a MR. Title, Kulasai - Dasara or Part of Bachelor Life Flickr galleries. There is a comment section, or please e-mail the critique to him. There is no deadline.

Nathan G stated (sic), "Though i'm doing photography for more than 3 years, i've become a freelance photographer recently , with one publication in Esquire Russia edition and Himal South Asian magazine which willbe available by April month edition. Other than this still i'm looking for some recognition in this field.

"People in Internet are generally not providing proper critiques. Either they dont understand or sometime if i provide +ve comments to their work , then only they turned up to my site and do the same which i dont like totally..I'm interested to get both positive and negative critiques from all of your pro photographers who have vast experience in this field.. It will surely help me to analyse more on my work."

Please review Give and get a critique before giving a critique.

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