Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Superman Returns Game

Normally, if there are a lot of e-mails on the NPPA-L list, there's a big problem of concern to all PJs. Today, it was Superman. Specifically the Superman Returns Game, which promotes an upcoming movie by the same name.

The player is Jimmy Olson, The Daily Planet's "star photographer." The player uses a camera to photograph Superman as he flies through different cities. By using the plus (+) key to zoom in for a closer shot, the player gets extra points.

The goal is to time photos to include most or all of Superman or at least a tight shot of his face. However, composition and background don't seem to matter much.

So, if I haven't wasted enough time for y'all, here's something else. I didn't do too well. I only got 135, but I didn't play very long. Paul W Gillespie got 149, so I think that's the bar for y'all.

Enough for now,

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