Monday, June 18, 2007

SETX Wakeboard Classic

Video by Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise

This is a compilation of photos and video from the Southeast Texas Wakeboard Classic in Rose City on Saturday, June 17, 2007. It's a one-minute-long test of some different features including a music loop. I expect to work with the video more and make something more compelling later.

I uploaded a Quicktime (.mov) file, which looked really sharp. The Google compression turned it into something else. It isn't as bad as an .avi file, but it's nowhere near as nice as the original. Oh well, we're all in a learning curve.

I thought it was hard to learn PhotoShop when it was introduced. Now, I'm trying to learn video, video editing software, SoundSlides, GarageBand and everything else these programs involve (music copyright, upload formats, etc.) - during deadline. Expect some crazy posts before the end of the summer.


elliott said...

Thanks Mark! I appreciate you coming out. Hope you had fun!


Mark M. Hancock said...

Please drop me an e-mail (on sidebar).

For folks who saw the other version of the video at The Beaumont Enterprise, Elliott is the narrator as well as the dude with the rail helmet doing insane maneuvers. :-)

Marie said...

Amen, Brother. I'm in a bizarre time-warp learning Soundslide and video editing as well. This is madness going from thinking still photography to 'talkies' to internets. We must learn to adapt or not....

Mark M. Hancock said...

Get ready to hook that mini-HDV to your PDA and transmit live. It's not far away.