Monday, June 25, 2007

Smith Oaks Bird Sanctuary video

Photos by Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise
Video © Mark M. Hancock /

I'll try to continue "Movie Mondays" and post a video each Monday until I get this VJ stuff figured out. Google uses .mp4 compression (5M vs. 129M files). The sound is good (use headphones), but the video doesn't compare. It's better than .avi, but it's nowhere near the original .mov. Soon enough, we'll be able to upload the full files in a matter of minutes, but this is where technology is today.

This video of the Smith Oaks Bird Sanctuary includes images from earlier this spring. It's 2:12 long. Enjoy.


Ken said...

How do you load video to the blog?
Is there a way to load Soundslides to Blogspot?

By the way, cool birds.


Mark M. Hancock said...

Google has it's own video program. Unlike YouTube, which they also own, it's not public domain. Go to Google and select "video." The instructions are there. Google even has a corporate arrangement (profit sharing) for production houses that produce more than 1000 hours of content per year.

From what I can tell, there's no way to post SoundSlides through Google yet. Some folks are using iWeb. Since all my SoundSlides are for the paper, I post them there and put links here.