Monday, April 28, 2008

Deer, deer, deer

© Mark M. Hancock / NewsEagles

Deer move near the brush at The Pointe Apartments in Beaumont on Sunday, April 27, 2008.

A deer looks up from grazing near the pool at The Pointe Apartments.

The top photo reminds me of a cave painting.

It's strange how life goes in circles. The first week after Fay and I moved to Beaumont, I was amazed there were deer munching on the grass a few feet from the apartment. After Hurricane Rita, the deer vanished for a while.

Now, three deer appear. So, I looked them up in my "Medicine Cards" book (Page 53).

Deer means gentleness. The book states, "Apply gentleness to your present situation and become like the summer breeze:   warm and caring. This is your tool for solving the present dilemma you are facing."

The deer helped us get a good start here in Beaumont. I hope they're wishing us bon voyage as we move back to Dallas.

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