Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Suffering sticker shock

Wow. I bought a new Nikon D1H today. I'm sticker shocked.

After shooting film last week, it's obvious the world has changed too drastically to go back to "old school" ways.

When I was in school, I got my first Nikon professional camera from a pawn shop. It came with a body, speed winder, three lenses and a nifty imitation-leather carrying case. I got the whole deal for around $450. Today, I spent more on a camera body than I paid for my three previous cars combined.

Now I must make money with my camera, or I'll be doing first-person documentaries about homelessness. No pressure though. ;-}

On the brighter side, I'll soon be able to shoot examples specifically for this blog. When I find a new home, I'll still have the camera. So, it works out for y'all (blog readers).

Although this situation makes my stomach tight, I can see how it's helpful to my overall understanding of the PJ market (both freelance and staff). I'll tinker with some of the mainstream side markets (greeting cards, record companies, etc.) and see what they look like as well. I still plan to be a staffer again, so I'm using this time to build up some contacts and learn some new markets. I hope it'll be fun.

Enough for now,

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