Saturday, November 20, 2004

Turkey Leg Classic

I'm posting these as a group because they don't make sense as stand-alone images. The Turkey Leg Classic is an annual remote-controlled auto race. The gasoline-powered autos have an average cost of about $1,200 and are capable of speeds faster than 50 miles per hour. On scale, these vehicles move faster than any race cars. It makes for an interesting shoot.

Photos © Mark M. Hancock and The Dallas Morning News

(Above) Mike Hyams of Tulsa, Okla. prepares his remote-controlled truck at Johnny Cool Guy Raceway in Fort Worth on Saturday, November 20, 2004.

(Right) A remote-controlled auto flies over a hill during The Turkey Leg Classic.

(Below) Clifton Adams of Forney, Texas operates his remote-controlled auto.

Fans of remote-controlled racing watch as cars fly over a hill.

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