Sunday, December 26, 2004

Ask a question

Ever wanted advice from Pulitzer-Prize winning photojournalists? Well, here’s your chance. David Leeson (2004) has already agreed. I’ll see if I can talk Cheryl Diaz Meyer (2004) and William Snyder (1991, 1993) into a little of their time.

Leave your questions in the comment section or drop me an e-mail. I plan on asking the standard "what advice would you give to young PJs" question, but this is a chance to ask a specific question and get a specific answer.

Please leave your questions by Friday, December 31, 2004.

Enough for now,


Marie said...

Thanks Mark for you holiday well wishes. Our time on the highway and byways of America were 'wreck-less'.

My questions for Pulitzer Prize winning photographers are more existential in nature. I am curious as to what dimension the act of photojournalism and the art of photography has added to each person. I would like them to compare/contrast themselves as young pj's to where they are now in not only their careers but in their personal lives and how being a pj/photographer has affected them.

Michael Rubenstein said...

First off, Mark, you're amazing, not only for this opportunity, but for the effort you make to help out us newbies!

Here are a couple of questions for Mr. Leeson:

1) What's in your bag when you go to shoot in a war zone. What kind of extra equipment do you bring, what's your lens preference (prime or zoom, mm).

2) I'd love if you could talk a little bit about access and ethics when shooting a conflict.