Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Just to ruin the holidays

Cool Yule y'all. :-)

Well folks, it's contest season again. I have the list of major contests on my sidebar. Does everyone have their best images selected, sized, captioned and ready to mail? Good. Good.

For a little inspiration and to know what the competition looks like, go see the MSNBC Pictures of the Year presentation. It's always "fun" to see what you're up against before you drop your little CD in the mail.

I know, it's merely a sample. We really don't know what wonderful images are hiding elsewhere in someone's archive, but it let's us know how much our images suck inspires us to do better each year.

Each major news outlet should have a similar year-end image display at the end of the month as a point of reference. Remember, there's 10 shooting days left until the end of the contest period. It only takes 1/60th of a second to win a prize. ;-)

Enough for now,

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