Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Biography Form

Professional news photojournalists* (PJs) and collegiate PJ seniors are invited to include a biography and one representative work to be posted on the PhotoJournalism blog. A representative work can be a single jpg image, a small size slideshow link or a small video link.

Please use the form below to let PhotoJournalism readers know more about yourself. Please copy the information below, complete the form and e-mail the completed form to Mark along with one jpg image (450 ppi on longest side) or proper HTML code to embed link (object to /object) to a slideshow or video. Please see previous biographies here.

Thanks for your participation!

(Name) was born in (place) on (date).

S/He is currently (title and/or publication or other activities).
S/He has (degrees, certificates, and professional affiliations)
S/He has worked (publications and/or small client list).
S/He wrote (book list, movie, music credits).
S/He won (award list - organizations only).
S/He shot/participated in (major projects).
Additional images can be seen at (Blog, Web, other portfolio).
(* Optional) S/He resides in (City, State, Country), is (married/single to Name) and has (number) children (names/genders/ages).

* News PJs are defined as PJs who earns the majority of their income from news organizations. We reserve the right to exclude anyone not meeting minimum acceptable professional standards or qualifications. All images and text must be acceptable for a general audience.

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