Sunday, January 30, 2005

Freedom isn't free

"OPFOR BRIEFING" by Patrick Farrell, Fort Irwin, California 1988

Both Fayrouz and I are awake until sunrise or later to watch the Iraqi elections. She's making periodic blog updates as we read/see/hear reports. The emotional waves of pride flowing through our home are intense.

My thanks go out to the bravery of the Iraqi voters, the soldiers and the journalists. All are doing their part and bringing honor upon themselves and their homelands.

Some of each are likely to die today. This is an unfortunate price to allow freedom for all. Freedom isn't free. It's bought with courage, resolve and unfortunately with blood and lives.

To the soldier-readers from a Cold War veteran Polar Bear (I'm the one crouching with a demolition bag in the painting), I salute you. "For Country."

Enough for now,

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