Friday, February 11, 2005


Appearantly, Blogger seems to have eaten my last entry after it was posted (16 hours of work). I'm hoping they have back-up somewhere, and it will miraculously reappear. Stay tuned. GRRRR....

BTW, if anyone e-mailed the post or somehow copied it, please send me a copy so I could re-post it. Thanks!

2/14/2005 UPDATE:

I backed up PhotoJournalism and initiated a new plan so work won't vanish again. I haven't heard back from Blogger about the absentee post, so I'll rewrite it. I'm probably going to break it up into three parts instead of the one massive entry I posted. However, that would require me to use the same example photo for two days, I'll think this issue over while I rewrite.

2/16/2005 UPDATE:

I got the official automated word from Blogger. I must have saved it as a draft. Gosh. Let me check, NO. Hey, I can't complain too much. It's a free service, and they do a good job. To make it more than a year without a problem is remarkable.

Enough for now,


Donncha said...

I tried, google, yahoo, and of those that offered a cached version of your site none had one newer than Feb 4th. Hopefully someone will have it in their aggregator!

Mark M. Hancock said...

Thank you Donncha. I sent a note to Blogger, but I haven't heard back. The same happened last night with a minor post. I'm going to start keeping back-ups on my hard drive.

Wolfseye said...

If you have access to you own server for a website, I recommend going your own route with your own blogger.

At least if something gets lost, I have only myself to blame. ;)

--Mike Tripp

Mark M. Hancock said...

The throughput would cost too much at this point.