Friday, February 04, 2005

Gladiola photo mosaic

This is the photo mosaic which made the Texas Visual Arts Association Citation Awards juried exhibition. It's only half of the total image. This is a 10 frame 4 x 6 image. The original is 20 frames (10 frames long by 2 frames wide). I cut it down to fit a standard frame.

I kept the file size on this one fairly large. If you click on the image, you will go to another screen to see more detail. If you move your cursor over the image there, it will turn into a magnifying tool. Click again to increase size to the file sent

© Mark M. Hancock /

For those who haven't ever read my statement about photo mosaics, I deliberately move the frame to keep them from being continuous. If they were continuous, they would look like a single frame with some black lines here and there. The point is to find the perceived frame flaws and be rewarded with more information as the viewer moves closer to the print.

It'll never look right digitally because I can't post them the size they are capable of withstanding. The photo mosaic titled "Donna" is shot on 100iso film. Each frame could easily be enlarged to 16 x 22.5 and hold up fairly well. At those numbers, the final image would be 144" by 405" (12' by 33.75').

If a company wants a really cool billboard ad or lobby image, this is a rockin' way to get attention. ;-}

Within the next few weeks, I'll present some digital photo mosaics. It somewhat defeats the original intent of the pieces, but it's all I can do without a no-cut printer. At least the tones and color balance won't be so strange in the digital versions. The final image at full-frame would be able to crush just about any personal computer. Consequently, I'll reduce the frames down to sizes this computer could handle.

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