Monday, May 09, 2005

The dust is settling

Between the new job, new blog, keeping The Princess happy and generally adjusting to life in Beaumont, I haven't posted much lately about photojournalism. Sorry.

Part of the problem is the scale of what I want to discuss next. My plans are to write how-to posts for soccer, baseball, softball and track;   some elementary discussions about composition;   a large series on how to get or change a PJ job;   and a major series on the biz side of this game.

Rather than fretting about what I must do, I'll start cutting through this material, and we'll sew it all together later. The next post lists the daily hunting list for serious PJs looking for full-time employment. The links cover newspapers, magazines and academia.

If this is the first time a PJ approaches the pro market, it's good advice to hold off the mass-assault until I finish this series. By the time we're done, we'll discuss specifics about portfolios, cover letters, tracking applications, thank you letters, interviews and job negotiations. For now, simply take a look through the links and see what the market looks like and how it is evolving.

Enough for now,

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