Sunday, June 05, 2005

Summer wine drinks for PJs

Marie asked for summer drink recipes. These are my favorites. If you have one, let her know where it is, or post it in her comments section.

Peach wine:

Get a large plastic or glass container. Clean and slice ripe peaches to fill container. Pour white wine (riesling) or peach Sangria to cover the peaches. Add sugar to taste. Let sit in fridge for as long as you can stand it (a few days). Drink on warm summer days by the pool.

If serving non-"family" guests, strain pulp from wine before serving (it's tasty, but ugly). Let the guests have the peach-flavored wine. Alcohol is absorbed and produced by the peaches. Eat the peaches before anyone else figures it out. ;-}

If impatient, Strawberry wine:

Same as above, but use strawberries and regular Sangria or sweet red wine. The fermenting time only takes a few hours. You'll have friends laying on the floor claiming to be "smushed strawberries" in no time (you know who you are).

Enough for now,


Marie said...

Thanks Mark. I'll think of you while I'm chillin' beachside :-)

Baejaar said...

Reminds me of the quote:

"Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence"
- Robert Fripp

Mark M. Hancock said...

A few cups of strawberries and there won't be any silence. ;-}