Saturday, November 05, 2005

Rita on sidebar

With this post, initial Hurricane Rita images roll off the front of PhotoJournalism. I wish it were as easy to make it vanish for everyone living in the affected areas.

Undoubtedly, Rita will continue to surface in the news I cover for a long time. It's the reality of living in a post-disaster area. I'm privileged to document the long-term recovery after this massive assault.

I still haven't found enough time to post all the images, so I'll continue to post them into the Mark-O-Rita section. I also placed a link to the index on the sidebar in the top section. I'll announce when the initial phase images are all posted.

In the meantime, please periodically review the images and consider which would be competition worthy and in which order. After all are posted, I'll ask for feedback to assemble competition photo stories. I'll need groups of 5, 10, and 20-or-less. Until then, please play photo editor and cut through the pile of images until the right combination of images appears.

If we want to make it more difficult, try including all Katrina images with Rita and cut the story to 10 images.

Thanks again for your continued support and thoughts.

Enough for now,

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