Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Welcome to PhotoJournalism

For folks new to this blog, welcome. :-)


This blog is maintained by Mark M. Hancock. I'm a Dallas-based pro photojournalist for magazines, daily newspapers and corporate clients. Some of my work is represented and distributed internationally by Zuma Press.

Previously, I was an award-winning staff photojournalist for The Dallas Morning News (1996-2004) and The Beaumont Enterprise (Hearst Corp., 2005-2008) daily newspapers.

In addition to my freelance photojournalism work, I'm also an Editor of books at Squadron/Signal Publications.

This is primarily a photo blog. I try to post an image, photo story or video each day depending on my work schedule. Periodically, I post a detailed explanation of some aspect of professional photojournalism (PJ).

Written photojournalism-related posts are linked on the sidebar under "All PJ-related posts." The end line "Enough for now," is also linked to All PJ-related posts.

Photos and text entries are sorted by lables at the bottom of each post. Click on the lable to see the last 20 entries coded with the same lable. To browse all lables, see "All lables" near the top of the sidebar.

If you would like to purchase an print for your home, please click the © symbol in the same post. Because I shoot for different clients, the link takes you to client-specific instructions to buy prints and/or reproduction rights from the copyright owner(s). All images presented since May 2008 are available on the sidebar link titled "Buy photos."

Relevant comments are welcomed and encouraged. This blog doesn't allow anonymous comments. To comment, simply create a free Blogger profile here or use an Open ID. I try to answer most new questions in the same comment section, through a new text post or via e-mail.

The right-hand sidebar contains links of interest for PJs and photojournalism buffs. The more popular links include: the PJ Candy Store (selected equipment and gear for PJs), Pix of the Day/Week, Major PJ contest calendar and links to other PJ staff, freelance, VJs (video journalisism), TV, collegiate and other photobloggers throughout the world.

My wife, Fayrouz, is a Chaldean, Australian-Iraqi blogger. She has three blogs: Fayrouz in Dallas (current events), Fayrouz Break Room (humor) and Chaldean Thoughts (religious news). She provides commentary on current events, book reviews, occasional interviews and photos as well as relevant links on her blogs.

My actual work activities can be followed on Facebook as well as these Twitter feeds:   @newseagles, @emergencynews and @squadron_books

Again, welcome to PhotoJournalism. Make yourself at home and the door is always open.

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I wish to express to you the great delight I felt discovering your Blog. As an aspiring Photojournalist struggling to find work in this very competitive field, You have given me the drive and ambiton to pursue a passion I have always had in my blood. Now after retiring from the sheriff's department I can puruse this passion with much more confidence and knowlege.I always felt I made the wrong career choice in college but feel it's never to late,even thou I'm a little late getting into the game.

Don Yount


Monroe Gallery of Photography said...

Great site, glad to have discovered it.

Sid Monroe

SJS said...

I just stumbled onto your blog looking for some information. I am absolutely delighted that I did. I am an amateur (prefer calling myself an "abject novice") and for people like me, in particular, sights like yours are a God-send.

I have loved what I have seen since morning and will be sending lots more time here for sure.