Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Time to relax

I'd first like to thank everyone who donated to Fayrouz's fund for Allan Enwiya's widow. Y'all donated more than $7,000 in less than a month. These funds will seriously help the family of a fellow journalist.

BTW, she changed the name of her blog, but it's still at the same Web location. The new name lets her cover more diverse topics.

Secondly, I'm finally done with contest season! So, I'll be back to writing soon.

Here's a hint for anyone still working on a portfolio entry:   DON'T listen to "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails while choosing images. The end result was something Joel-Peter Witkin would have chosen. I had to redo my selections because it was a collection of my most horrific images of the year.

On second thought, maybe it's the best music while selecting World Press Photo entries. :-)

I entered all the majors this year, either on my own or as a team with Jennifer and Scott. I'm hoping Hurricane Rita images make it somewhere to draw attention to our neglected area.

Meanwhile, "Rita Captured" has arrived. We have our first book signing event tonight. I don't have my copy yet, but I saw an advance copy and it's cool. We're scheduled for a big signing event at Parkdale Mall sometime soon (read: hand cramp).

I'm willing to participate in any book-signing events, but I think we should get unlimited coffee (espresso would be better - or wine - wine would rock) while signing. We can't take freebies while working, but I've covered enough signings to know the signers get free drinks. ;-)

Enough for now,


CarmenSisson said...

That's so funny. I would NOT have taken you for a NIN listener. I do the same thing -- write or shoot to some piece of music and look back and say, "WHAT was I thinking?"

Congratulations on the book. Look forward to seeing it. I'm immersed in my own major (top secret) project, so wish me luck :-)

attatudy said...

Oh that does it. Im going to have a book published. Free drinks is always an incentive. Love your work.

Mark M. Hancock said...

Good luck with your project. Let me know when it's done.

It's best to have someone pay you and publish your work. Most newspapers have huge networks, so they can self-publish, but it's a serious risk otherwise.