Monday, February 20, 2006

Zummo president

Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise

Frank Zummo, president of Zummo Meat Co., Inc., poses for a portrait with boudain sausage at his plant in Beaumont on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2006. The company ships boudain sausage nationally through a contract with Wal-Mart and its meat products regionally through other contracts.

Boudain is a sausage with rice. It's typically smoked and a preferred food in this region.


John Schreiber said...

Haha, very interesting...Im actually fraternity brothers with his son, they are tasty sausages...especially when we get them for free :-)

Mark M. Hancock said...

What a small world this is.
Is your frat brother bringing you down here for the big Mardi Gras events this weekend? I'll have a preview later this week, you might want to consider the trip. :-)

John Schreiber said...

A very small world indeed...I would consider coming down if I wasn't shooting the Coldplay concert on Sunday at the AA center :-) However, I went to the New Orleans Mardi Gras last year and from what I can remember it was a blast!