Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Faces of immigration

Immigration is a pressing issue. Much of the debate involves illegal immigration from Central America. However, the United States is the melting pot of the world and includes legal immigrants from around the planet.

Whatever decisions are eventually made affect all immigrants. This page links to images of immigrants from around the world and their contributions to other Texans.

Idolina Escamilla Gonzalez   14 April 2006
Welsh immigrant   21 April 2006
Spanish Public Radio   28 April 2006
Abbie's Imports 14 July 2006
Ataya family reunites 26 July 2006
Cuban kayaker 23 Aug. 2006
German immigrant 27 Sept. 2006
Our Lady of Guadalupe feast practice 6 Nov. 2006
Kampus Korner Bookstore 14 Dec. 2006
Custom phones 26 Feb. 2007
Port Arthur hospitality boom 6 Dec. 2007
A brother's anguish 15 Feb. 2008
Port Arthur drive-by neighborhood 27 March 2008
Proudly American 19 July 2008

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