Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fighting fires at city council

Photos by Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise

Firefighters wait to address the city council at the Beaumont Civic Center in Beaumont on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2006. Firefighters presented their safety concerns about the number of firefighters assigned for emergency responses.

Firefighter representative John Werner, of Reaud, Morgan & Quinn Lawyers, points out an OSHA safety exclusion during his address to the city council at the Beaumont Civic Center. OSHA's minimum requirement is for two rescuers to enter a hazardous building while two remain outside. There is an exception for emergency situations in OSHA's recommendation.

Firefighter Scott Chamberlain (right) addresses the city council at the Beaumont Civic Center. Beaumont trucks are crewed with three firefighters. The firefighters are upset that every emergency call must either be an exception to the rule or potentially deadly while waiting on additional firefighters.

Please see stories related to the continuing battle between the City of Beaumont and the Beaumont Fire Department.

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