Monday, November 27, 2006

Homeless no more

© Mark M. Hancock for the Portland Press Herald

Billy Woolverton (left to right), poses for a portrait with his mother Sue Moore and half-sister Shanna Adams in front of Moore's destroyed mobile home in Silsbee on Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2006. Woolverton was primarily homeless for more than 30 years after he ran from an adoptive parent's home when he was 15 years old. After he played a big role in the production of the play "Hear Our Stories, Know Our Names," Adams located him and invited him to move to his current Silsbee home in a FEMA trailer with his biological mother.

Sue Moore talks with her son Billy Woolverton (right) outside Moore's FEMA trailer in Silsbee. Moore's mobile home was destroyed during Hurricane Rita. She lives on a fixed income and cannot afford to repair her home.

Billy Woolverton (right) tells a story from his travels to his half-sister Shanna Adams (left) outside his new home in Silsbee. Woolverton was formerly homeless in Portland, Maine. After he wrote and performed parts of the play, his name appeared on the Internet and Adams was finally able to locate him after years of searching.

Billy Woolverton (left to right), his mother Sue Moore and half-sister Shanna Adams search for Woolverton's missing sister on the Internet at Moore's home. Woolverton and his sister were taken from Moore when they were small children. Woolverton's full sister, Julia Sue, is still missing. She was last known to live in Texas and had the last name Hare or Jones.

Please read "Homeless man's on-stage story has off-stage ending worthy of applause" by Bill Nemitz of the Portland Press Herald.

12/25/06 UPDATE: Please see Homeless no more Part B

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