Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nachtwey accepts TED Award

James Nachtwey, the iconic documentary PJ, accepts his TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Award in this video. The video runs well on a DSL. Give it a little lead, and it'll be seamless.

His images are laced through the video as he talks about his coverage of wars around the world. It's worth viewing even for folks who aren't into documentary work.

He talks about redirecting his anger into action through his images of warfare and trials from the 1960s to present. He said the actions on 9/11 made him realize the warfare he had covered around the world for 20 years was actually one war.

Nachtwey won $100,000 and a wish. His wish was for TED to help him get access to tell a vital story and employ innovative and exciting ways to use news photography in the digital era.

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