Monday, May 14, 2007

Congrats to the boys

I have two nephews. They're magnet students at Richardson High School Arts, Law and Science Magnet. I attended the same high school, but they did a much better job with their education than their uncle.

The oldest, William, graduates this week. He did a fine job throughout his studies. He was a varsity football player, a Legal Eagles law team member and is already a successful businessman in the auto industry. He's got a pretty good eye too.

The youngest, Jonathan, is a junior and varsity football player. He's also on the school's Battle Bots robotic team. They recently won the large robot national championship in Miami, Fla. by (literally) destroying every competitor with "The Blender," a squatty robot with a knobbed titanium external ring that moves at 1200 RPM.

The undefeated team was on Good Morning Texas this morning with two of their robots. Y'all can see the segment and their robots (it doesn't stream too well though).

The family is very proud of both of them.

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