Friday, May 25, 2007

Please help me "beat death"

Please see my slideshow about Bolivar Peninsula's beach communities preparing for Memorial Weekend and the summer season.

On the newspaper's Web site, the most popular page is the obituaries. It's so popular that it typically crushes every other news story. Consequently, someone made this nifty little black trophy with a skeleton holding a pencil. The trophy proclaims, "I beat death." It's awarded to whichever story gets the most hits over the obituaries.

We get to keep the trophy until someone else beats the obits - it takes a while. Since today's slideshow has only my images, I respectfully request y'all go see it and help me beat death. If we can do it, I'll post a photo of the trophy on the blog for everyone to see. :-)

I'll break down the story on the blog over the weekend, but y'all can get a sneak peek of the 20-frame photo slideshow today. It's exactly one minute long.

Enough for now,


Unknown said...

Nice work.

Mark M. Hancock said...

Thanks. :-)

However, The obits crushed the slideshow. :-(