Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thanks Humberto

Between spotty DSL and a heavy workload, I had to make some decisions. Instead of sticking to schedule, I decided to post all the slideshows I have in backlog. This way I can work on new projects.

Expect to see a Hurricane Humberto slideshow and video soon. Although damage wasn't as widespread as with Hurricane Rita, Humberto hit hard in the areas it chose. To those folks, it was worse than Rita.

The biggest problem was the speed Humberto formed. It went from zero to almost Category 2 in 18 hours. There wasn't enough time (or warning) to evacuate or relocate folks with medical conditions.

Most folks went to sleep expecting a tropical storm and woke up to a strong Cat. 1 hurricane. When the power cut off for most residents, it cut off breathing machines and other lifelines. Luckily most people had back-up plans. There was only one known fatality. One is too many, but it could've been much worse considering the circumstances.

Luckily it has cooled down, so we're hoping the Gulf stays calm. However, there's currently four low pressure areas of concern for all of us. Therefore, it's wise for local folks to quickly restock the hurricane cabinet and be ready for another one. I suppose we could take a few more Humbertos rather than anything like Rita.

As happened last time, neighbors, local municipalities, Entergy, The Salvation Army and AT&T stepped up immediately. If nothing else, this area is resiliant and determined. Friday night football and Gatorfest continued like nothing happened. :-)

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