Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A PJ geek's income

Most readers won't get this analogy, but the PJ geeks out there should understand. ;-}

I charge f/22 for my work. Newer PJs may only charge f/2.8. A business can pay the newer PJ's fee in 1/8000th of a year's earnings. Meanwhile, the same biz pays my fee at 1/250th of a year's earnings. The write off is the same.

However, the difference in detail could easily equate into a finer quality end product. The final image should have more value although the exposure is the same.

Sometimes, it's proper to only need f/2.8. But, when a company demands f/22 and only gets f/2.8, they must still hire an f/22 shooter. It's a wasted frame. There wasn't enough information and quality in the f/2.8 shot.

If a PJ tries to deliver f/22 images at 1/8000th, the film is grossly underexposed. The PJ won't remain in business long.

I understand I don't make f/64 images. However, I also don't charge f/64 prices. It's important for PJs to understand their proper f-stops.

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Bryon Houlgrave said...

This is great. And all this time I was thinking in megapixels. ;-)

Mark M. Hancock said...

Wouldn't it be cool to get paid a buck per pixel.