Thursday, December 13, 2007

A statistical countdown problem

At the end of October, Go Stats changed how they report visitors. This creates a problem with the Countdown to a Win contest.

The millionth reader portion of the contest remains unchanged. However, the Top Referrer award is more difficult to quantify.

I've considered several options to make the Top Referrer award fair (and more fun for me) under the circumstances. I believe the most fair way to deal with this is as follows:
  • All referrers reported earlier get to keep the Oct. 18 numbers.

  • Any referrers not reported in the top five get credit for the lowest number of references to the Oct. 18 report date (516 hits).

  • Once the millionth visitor is identified, I'll allow two weeks for y'all to calculate the day-by-day math since the report changed. If a referrer can prove more hits with a combined score than the current leader's combined hits, they win.

  • Essentially, anyone who hadn't linked to this blog before just got a 516-hit boost. If those blogs can shoo a bunch of visitors to this blog in the next month or two, they could beat the current Top Referrers and win a signed and framed custom print.

    Good luck.

    Enough for now,

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