Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feds require roadside vests

According to the NPPA, "A new law goes into effect on November 24, 2008, which will require all workers on federal highways to wear high visibility safety apparel, which apparently also includes photojournalists who are there to cover news."

Although there's no specific Fed fine, the states are likely to make some quickly because their funding could be cut. Although the initial report states federal highways, it's been clarified to mean any roadway even partially financed by the U.S. DOT. This means most roads.

Additionally, the apparel must be ANSI Class II safety gear used in high-speed environments. Class II tends to be high-visibility yellow with more reflective banding.

NPPA suggests a vest offered through the National Newspaper Association with "PRESS" and the NNA logo printed on the back for $15 each. I contacted an NNA rep and they only take orders by phone.

I ordered a vest through Utility Safeguard. They have a secure online order process and offered custom printing. I opted for "PRESS" as well. It costs a few bucks more, but I'll be so stylin'.

Next, we'll be required to wear "Big, tricked-out name tags" like Flo. ;-}

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