Thursday, October 09, 2008

No words suffice

While the world faces an unprecedented financial meltdown, Palin supporters managed to leave me speechless by demanding digital manipulation of an image.

Photo District News reports, "Pundit Calls On Newsweek To Do More Retouching."

The Republican media consultant is Andrea Tantaros, vice president at Sloane & Company. According to the firm, "she specializes in crisis communications, healthcare, and public affairs clients." She graduated with a journalism degree from Lehigh University.

Tantaros states on her blog,
"We expect this from gossip magazines like Star, OK! and In Touch. Newsweek is supposed to be an unbiased, substantive weekly, not some fly by night publication that can afford to appear unprofessional. It is expected to have standards (except when it comes to conservative, backwater female politicians, apparently) and a competent photography department It's incredible how this photo editor didn't have time to make Governor Palin look her best but manages to make Barack Obama look like a statuesque, presidential image of perfection just about every other week. Mindboggling."

Mind-boggling indeed.

Enough for now,

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