Saturday, July 04, 2009

Costly collision

Rockwall's Amanda Harmon (No. 10, left) smashes into Frisco Centennial's Kristen Hill (No. 12, right) at home plate during a 4A Regional Quarterfinal softball playoff game at Wylie High School in Wylie on Tuesday May, 19, 2009.

photos © Mark M. Hancock and The Dallas Morning News

Rockwall's Amanda Harmon (No. 10, center) cries as she finds part of her tooth at home plate after a collision with Frisco Centennial's catcher during a 4A Regional Quarterfinal softball playoff game. Harmon scored, but lost part of a tooth. Rockwall won the series and advanced.


Unknown said...

I thought it was generally expected that photography stops while a player is down. I know I've been told by employers not to shoot until the player gets up and is ok. I do like your pictures but in my opinion you should omit the last picture out of respect for the player.

Mark M. Hancock said...

I was taught to keep shooting and let the editing process handle the cuts. It's better to have a vital frame and not use it than to not have the frame when an editor asks for it.
In this case, Amanda had her tooth repaired and played in the next game three days later.
What's important is to show the motion and emotion of an event. The first frame shows the motion and the second frame shows the emotion.
The combination of these frames lets people know how much dedication and toughness is required of high school softball players. It requires both images.