Friday, June 25, 2004

Exceptional people need clarification

Since I have seen this entry taken out of context. I will clarify.

We do our best at every assignment. However we don't rent a helicopter to take a photo of a "For Sale" sign in a field during a lightning storm. It is a waste of time and money. Although some might think anything less is a sin, don't bother.

Editorial writers can choose to focus their talents toward News, Business, Sports, Lifestyles and many divisions therein. Those who specialize are extolled.

Photojournalists must be able to work in all these environments with equally stunning results. We touch every editorial section. Therefore, those PJs who are best at low light and fast action assignments are given more news, sports and entertainment assignments.

It doesn't mean we "suck" at mug shots or absolutely meaningless fete sets, it means we prefer news and sports rather than mug shots and fete sets. We know it, the editor knows it, and now copy editors around the world also know it.

Enough for now,

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