Monday, June 28, 2004

Congrats to Iraq

I'll add my voice of congratulations to the new Iraqi government's sovereignty. I hope they understand, appreciate and act appropriately with the increased rights and responsibilities.

I expect to see a stifling of rights in Iraq until the government gains favor over the Islamic terrorists. As long as the Iraqi people protect terrorists (domestic or foreign) who are willing to kill their hosts' siblings, their brothers and sisters will die. They have only themselves to blame now.

I see a need for a U.S. military post in the country long into the future. However, it should not be near a city. Wherever a base is placed, a city will grow around it as they do in America. Let the soldiers have a clean start in a new place with no negative history. The U.S. should purchase some land at equal to or greater than market value (to save future hard feelings).

From there, the Iraqi people can either welcome or reject our concept of freedom without interference. From personal experience, if the Army would just hook up some Iraqi chicks with some Texan soldiers everything would be cool for years to come.

Enough for now,

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