Wednesday, June 16, 2004

We got an intern

We got our summer intern. Everyone repeat with me, "Mmmmuuuhuuuuhuuuhaaaa." Let the games begin.

I've briefly met this year's intern, but haven't had the opportunity to mess with his head learn more about him. I can hardly wait to do so.

Today is the first monthly meeting since the intern arrived. There should be some good horror stories special moments discussed during the meeting and plenty of laughter empathy.

I don't know why torturing the new kid is so fun, but it is. And, it should continue as a institutional sport. We just want to make sure the educational experience and training is regrettable up to its highest level.

When the intern has an important shoot at the motor speedway the next day, we must make sure s/he gets extremely drunk gets briefed about safety precautions the night before - to fully enjoy the experience, heat, sun and sound.

Our assignments editor is nice to the interns. The interns typically get pushed to their visual and emotional limits, but not beyond. They'll get 1A assignments and will be expected to deliver 1A images by deadline, which is in about ummm 40 minutes.

Yessir, 1A stories are the most important to the community. Everyone in the community needs and pays for proper sewage. Do you know what a sewage treatment plant look like in 100-degree weather? Let's send the intern to find out. It must be different than last summer.

Well, good luck to all the interns across America this year. This is a great job if you don't like money, time, family....

Enough for now,

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