Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Photobloggies change plans

My hit counter had a spike today. Instead of a Spam attack, this blog made the finalist cut for the 2005 Photobloggies in the Photojournalism category (actually quite a shock and honor).

I think the organizers reconsidered the chances of each photo blog finalist looking through a year's worth of posts for 255 blogs by March 28 (next Monday). So, now it's a popularity contest again. Which also means ... I'll lose.

If anyone is willing to vote for this site under Best Photojournalism, I'd appreciate it. If all four of us vote, well ... I'll still lose, but that's how popularity contests work. I'm just happy to have been a finalist. Pretty cool.

BTW, to view images on this blog it's easiest to navigate with the scroll bar. Click on any image to see a larger version. I write too much technical stuff, so this isn't your typical photo-a-day site. I've also been posting lots of archive images since November, so those images were rolled back into the archive by date shot. Drag.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other quality photoblogs on the list to choose in different categories. I'm rooting for Kosoof in Best Middle Eastern/Africa. He's posted some quality images this week although I think the judging is supposedly for last year.

Other photoblogs I keep on my Photoblogs favorites list are: A Walk Through Durham Township, Daily Dose of Imigery, Jinky Art and the narrative. Matt's blog, the narrative, is in four categories (including Photojournalism). Feel free to vote for Matt in the other three. ;-}

I've visited most of the other blogs before, but not consistently enough during the year to have an opinion. Thanks again to the folks at Photoblogs.org and anyone who nominated me for this honor. You made my day. :-)

Enough for now,

UPDATE:   March 30, 2005
I knew I was in trouble when it became a popularity contest. ;-}

Congratuations to A Walk Through Durham Township for winning Photo of the Year. Daily Dose of Imigery won a slew of awards including Photoblog of the Year, Best Canadian and Best Street Photography. Also cheers go out to Kosoof and Jinky Art for their wins.


Mark M. Hancock said...

Thanks y'all. I understand a text blog has no chance against pure photoblogs, because I'm sure the people voting give the blog about 10 seconds to compare all the blogs front pages against each other (I did the same in some categories).

So, I'm happy folks stopped by. It's like sitting on the porch and watching the traffic roll past. I can say, "Howdy Y'all!", but they won't hear me at 100 MPH.

BTW, Leslie has some great images on her blog. I'll be adding it to my faves.

Marie said...

I voted for you. But you are the only one. Is it me or are many of the larger more popular sites using way too much Photoshop to shift color/saturate them/and paint with them?

Morgan W. Brown said...

While I can understand you frustrations and doubts Mark, I only stumbled upon your photoblog via the Photobloggies and, it was your blog that earned my vote.

In my opinion, your blog was the only one that best fit the category it was listed within.

Though I am not trying to get your hopes up, I would suggest having a little more faith in those who come across the Photobloggies (especially for the first time, like myself) and their judgement. It might just surprise you, especially given the odds of being one in five for that particular category of course.

Good luck!

Mark M. Hancock said...

Thanks again y'all. :-)

David and Ari said...

Agreed on all counts. You got my vote!
These days, what sets a site apart isn't pure picture quality. It's the personality and character behind it. This is obviously a labor of love for you, and it shows.
I appreciate the opportunity to learn!