Friday, September 23, 2005

Word of the day

I get the Websters Word of the Day each morning via e-mail. I might be a bit sensitive while Hurricane Rita is grinding toward us, but should this really be our morning greeting?

shambles \SHAM-bulz\ noun

1 : a place of mass slaughter or bloodshed
2 : a scene or state of great destruction : wreckage
3 : a scene or state of great disorder or confusion : mess

Used in a sentence: Mark's apartment is likely to be a shambles by Sunday...


Enough for now,


Marie said...

Glad that you and Fay are together and I look forward to hearing much much more...
And pass on to your wife that she still has to endure a mountain blizzard and/or flash flood to complete her disaster portfolio ;-)

Mark M. Hancock said...

She was with me in a flash flood where the water came over the hood of the truck. I suppose a blizzard is in order.